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Leave the Number Crunching to Us

If you're about to make a big financial decision, you should know that you don't have to make it alone. That's because the local financial advisors at Cornerstone Wealth Partners are here to help you find the course of action that seeks to benefit you the most.

Turn to us for all your financial planning needs in Forked River, NJ and throughout the U.S. Get in touch with us now to speak with one of our local financial planners.

Who Is Investment Management For?

Our investment management services are designed for individuals and families who have:

  • Over $250,000 in stocks or bonds

  • Over $250,000 in a savings account

  • Executives with Stock options

  • Business owners looking to understand their options

  • Individuals tasked with being trustees or individuals hoping to implement investment strategies utilizing trusts

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Retirement Planning

Investment Planning

Estate Planning

Insurance Planning

Prepare for Life After Employment

Rely on us for retirement planning services

Unlocking Financial Planning with Paul Ha

Ever wondered how financial planning can shape your future?
Delve into the world of finance with Paul Ha, a committed LPL Financial Advisor and the esteemed founder, as he clarifies the intricacies of financial planning.

Paul Ha
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What Our Clients Say About Us

Rich and Kathy

“Paul of Cornerstone Wealth Partners fulfills our needs of investment planning, retirement planning, estate planning, wealth transition, and more. He is efficient, makes complex investment strategies easily understood, and we enjoy the personal touch he adds to the relationship. Paul goes above and beyond the needed services and has been doing this for us for more than 5 years. His insight has helped us make well informed decisions with better costs for products and services. We very much enjoy the access he provides to multiple investment strategies in our portfolio. When it comes to our hard-earned money, we have a much more personal and stress-free environment.”


“Prior to working with Paul and Cornerstone, my investments were scattered across multiple institutions, disorganized, and overwhelming. I now have a one stop shop where all my financial needs are met. The service is friendly and quick. My finances are no longer a burden and I’m stress free. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else; this is my home.”

What can our specialists do for you?

Whether you're planning for retirement or just looking to invest your savings, our local financial planners have the expertise needed to guide you. You can count on us for:

  • Retirement planning

  • Investment planning

  • Trust planning

  • Life insurance planning


Reach out to us today to get the financial planning assistance you need.

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Why choose Cornerstone Wealth Partners?

There are several reasons why residents of the Forked River, NJ area and clients around the country trust our local financial advisors. Keep in mind that:

Over 16 years of experience

Free consultations

The level of personal attention is unmatched

You can trust us to provide you with sound advice. Call us at 609-301-6130 to schedule your free consultation.

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